Addiction, Grace, Mercy, the Absurd

Addiction is absurd, because it grabs addicts and their families and forces them down ridiculous and crazy paths full of dramas and traumas, with plenty of hellish descents into emotional suffering.  If not for Grace, it would all be hell.  Yet, I’ve seen so many miracles as a addiction professional, so I publish this blog so I can share them.

The tale of that marvelous word grace begins five thousand years ago, out of a mysterious language called the Proto-Indo-European.  Grace simply means “to favor.”  The person who is favored might deserve something different, but a loving benefactor unknown to that person gives them exactly what they need: protection, wisdom, freedom, mercy of some kind suited just for them.

Grace is a special force or spirit that “sings, praises or announces.” Fortunately for us humans, the universe abounds with two marvelous forces, Grace and Mercy.

This spirit of Grace enters the theater of our lives unscripted, so we don’t really expect it.  It comes as it wills and it rewrites the plots of our lives in our favor!  I’ve seen it happen many times and I want to share how that can happen in future posts, involving people like you who’ve been either touched by Grace or pinched by The Absurd.

Webster’s defines “absurd” as “extremely silly, foolish, or unreasonable; completely ridiculous.”  It’s when your life, or the life of someone you care about, just doesn’t make sense anymore.  It’s extremely deflating, depressing, and lasts until you can laugh again at what first made you depressed and even be grateful, believe it or not, that those unavoidable things came crashing into your life.

Life can frequently feel like both a tragedy and comedy, or tragi-comical.   Grace can reduce the pain of a harsh pinch in the rump from The Absurd.  You have to believe it’s there for you, which it is.  I hope this reminder can begin a bridge of hope for you to the Grace and Mercy God has waiting for you.

Whatever crisis you’re facing, believe me, Grace can enter your life now, if you’re open to it.  There’s hope!  You can laugh again at what first made you depressed and be grateful that you survived the ordeal.  Grace and Mercy come to soothe our wounds and help us keep trudging The Road of Happy Destiny.



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