Grace and Mercy Extended to All

At twenty-four I had a spiritual experience that changed my life.  I had no direction, no belief in myself, nor a whit of hope that I would ever find my path.  Then an other-worldly Hand with the distinct feeling of being real touched me, actually grabbed me, not forcibly, but gently, lovingly.  I had been taught to believe there was a God of Mercy by the nuns and priests who taught me.  Yet, their fine lessons and examples from the lives of others made little impression on me.  They tried, but had failed to accomplish the main goal of a parochial education, which was to mold a young person into a decent, moral human being.  It never occurred to me that’s what they were trying to do.  In fact, I felt excluded to begin with.

I would have remained isolated forever if a Divine Hand had not breached my personal exile.  I respect every person’s right to believe or not believe.  I do believe in forces that are real but not obvious, that require seeking and contemplation and, to some extent, faith.  It’s a risk, yes, but one I believe worth taking.  “To go where no one has gone before.”

My only goal is to share my experience and carry a message forward to anyone who will listen.  That message is, nothing is hopeless, and no one is beyond redemption, whomever you may be.  I created this Addicted to Mercy Blog to put that message into cyberspace.


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